About Me

Hi Guys !
I'm Leena and I am a 20 year old bookaholic which means I love practically any form of literature work from fiction books to poetry and Shakespearean plays. I guess you can also say I am a bit of a romantic.
Things to know about me :D
I LOVE comedy and romance books
I LOVE anything which involves creativity such as art, textiles or writing poetry. Whether I am good, well that is another matter lol.
I am an undergraduate student currently studying a 4 year Master of Pharmacy degree (didn't expect that did you? No one does really...completely random I know).

That leads me to why I decided to create a blog. Well as you might know there are a lot of people in the world who do not enjoy their profession and lose what they are really passionate about as life goes on. Studying a course which is entirely science based at University had lead me to fear the idea of losing the creative side of me that I don't what to lose. So this is my way of keeping the passion alive with, I hope you guys. Can you relate?

What to Expect...

So this blog is purely for my thoughts and reviews on books that I have read. The genres are mainly new adult or adult fiction ( mainly... actually almost entirely romance :) I mean can you blame me lol... do people still use LOL? Who cares. anyways I do 😋)

I also hope to have discussions and interact with you, my readers, on your opinions and I will also give my recommendations I have for you and will welcome any you have for me or want me to review.


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