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The Kiss Thief by L.J. Shen

Pages: 320
Release Date:January 6, 2019Publisher: Independently Published

They say your first kiss should be earned. 
Mine was stolen by a devil in a masquerade mask under the black Chicago sky. 
They say the vows you take on your wedding day are sacred. 
Mine were broken before we left church. 
They say your heart only beats for one man. 
Mine split and bled for two rivals who fought for it until the bitter end. 
I was promised to Angelo Bandini, the heir to one of the most powerful families in the Chicago Outfit. 
Then taken by Senator Wolfe Keaton, who held my father’s sins over his head to force me into marriage. 
They say that all great love stories have a happy ending. 
I, Francesca Rossi, found myself erasing and rewriting mine until the very last chapter. 

One kiss. 
Two men. 
Three lives. 
Entwined together. 

And somewhere between these two men, I had to find my forever.

My Thoughts

All I can say is, the Kiss thief by L J Shen needs a series! Arranged marriage…

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