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Whispers of my Skin By Susana Mohel

Pages: 350
Release Date: April 11th 2018
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Desperate times call for desperate measures.
That’s what they say, right?
Well, I guess it must be true because I’m desperate.
And I’m about to take desperate measures.
That’s why I’m standing at his door, preparing to face him. Even though we are no longer what we used to be. Even though he doesn’t love me as he once did.
The girl he loved is no more, she vanished.
So did he.
Both gone with the wind, left behind in the mists of time.
We grew up, moved on.
But just when it seems there’s nothing left between us, there comes a second chance.
A whisper that grows, won’t be ignored, can’t be ignored as it ensnares us, entwines us.
Whispers of love.
Whispers of my skin.

My thoughts 

So let me just start off by saying that usually I go for books where the hero and heroine have not met before so that we can see their relationship develop , in other words, I am very picky with my second chance romance novels. However the blurb for Whispers of my skin definitely intrigued me and being a reader who is obsessed with with ranches and cowboys I had to read this one!

The story starts with the introduction of a very apprehensive Tara, who is just about to meet Joel, a former lover. It is clear that feelings are still alive. She is desperate to find a manager for her ranch in order to put it back onto its feet and that’s where Joel comes in. However, Joel is already a manager in a successful ranch and has no reason to leave – that is until Tara gives him an offer he just cannot refuse and Tara ends up getting more than she bargained for…

Joel is your broody, protective hero that us readers all go crazy for, with his calm and cool nature – he definitely has that hot ranch boy vibe. It is obvious from his proposition to Tara, no matter how angry , pissed off and confused he gets- one thing he knows for sure is he is not willing to let her go for a second time.

Tara is your strong – headed heroine however, she is insecure and emotional when it comes to her feelings for Joel like any other women would about someone they love.  No matter how much she tries to deny attraction, thinking she got Joel all figured out she still knows that her heart has always belonged to him.

“ …he throws me down.
Then he kisses me, devouring me.
He’s staking his claim. Taking what is his.
And I let him. Because Joel does own me. I'm drowning in him.”

What I would say is, I would have loved to see a bit more jealousy coming from Joel’s side – and Tara making Joel work for it just a tinsy - tiny bit more... I feel like it ended too soon ! but that’s just me.  However, What I love about this book is the love-hate relationship between Tara and Joel and their constant attempt to outwit each other with the snarky remarks. This romance novel is cleverly written with humor, sexual tension and raw emotion.

Susana Mohel definitely knows what her readers are looking for – steamy scenes, jealousy, romance and a hot confident hero to become our next book Boyfriend. LOVED IT!
*My Rating: 3.75 STARS!*
** I received an ARC for an Honest review**
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